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Mr. Frotz Nitfol takes a vacation

Oh now this is a magical and fine place. I wonder if we'll see any dragons.



(I had the "new" character models turned off for performance which is why the gnome looks so nutty.)

But see? This is why I went back to playing that abominable EverQuest game. The chance to take down a dragon. And now I've done it.

The Temple of Veeshan is one of the toughest oldschool zones in EverQuest, and Aaryaararaornaodn or whatever was the toughest single mob my guild and I have faced yet. We're a small guild, but we know what we're doing. And we like to have fun. A good group of people you can count on to know the role of each class in the game and then do those jobs amiably well.

We had one bad start and a wipe, but it wasn't our fault. Just some bad timing and bad spawns. We recouped, went over strategy again, went back in and took that dragon down. That felt good. We weren't dealing with idiot players, nobody got bored and ran around causing massive aggro and injury, nobody sat down when they weren't supposed to, nobody complained when the loot the dragon had wasn't particularly inspiring or useful.

And that's what really counts. The game is infinitely more fun when you play with people who not only actually know what they're doing, but who also have fun while doing it. I never want to play with pickup groups full of d00dz again.

The fight took almost a half hour and was real exciting. I learned some interesting wizardly strategy, and had fun. The best part was that we set out to do something and we accomplished it. I could make odd noises about how weird it is for a freakin' video game to inspire such emotions of pride and accomplishment and whatnot, but that's the way things can be in an online society. I'll probably never meet any of these guildmates face-to-face, but to me, they're all good friends. And good allies in battle.

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