It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Three dreams.

I dreamt that the little black cat was dying. We visited her in the hospital -- a people hospital, but she was there in a room next to an old lady. We wanted to take her out to the lounge and talk but they wouldn't let her on the furniture. So she sat in bed with the covers pulled up to her chin and looked around at us. She was at peace, and so were the rest of us at that point. Nobody was sad. The cat left me $80,000 in a special bank card that showed its balance on a liquid crystal display. I was very surprised because I didn't know how the world she'd come into so much money. We said our goodbyes and walked out.

My second dream explained all about how neon signs came to be. Did you know they were originally markers used by pirates to designate their favorite hangouts while in port? That's what happened. And then other stores started using them, too. I walked down some city streets that probably were New York, past cafes filled with people speaking foreign languages, and as I walked, I saw what the storefronts looked like before and after the addition of neon signs. My companion, one of those dream personages who is a very good friend of yours in the dream but who doesn't really exist in real life, was the narrator for this expedition. He viewed the neon changes with distaste. Also, neon works by using a little device like a blowtorch that shoots the neon particles around an open-ended hollow glass tube. It's incredibly noisy and rather dangerous but interesting to look at.

It's Super Bowl time and the Washington Redskins are playing some other team. To celebrate, fans of both teams gather in one large place to eat and cheer and watch the game on a giant screen TV. This place turns out to be in Carlsbad Caverns (which, someone says in the dream, is "deep underneath Kentucky" but that's Mammoth Cave; Carlsbad is in New Mexico.) There's a huge cavern set up for everybody, with an ampitheatre already carved out of the rock and lights set up and it's about the size of a domed football stadium. Being a "fan" of neither team (I felt like I was a reporter or something for this one) I sat at a picnic table with a family from DC. They taught me the special Washington Redskins football song and we all eagerly awaited our dinner before the big game. You had to pick from plates of food on a menu and then it got zapped over to your table. The father of the family was wise and tapped two plates of food on his menu and thus got extra mashed potatoes; I was jealous. I woke up before the game began with a craving for mashed potatoes and breaded chicken product.

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