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January 15th, 2014

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09:36 pm - We's in the paper with crutches even
The Boston Weekly Dig has an article out about our production of A Man For All Seasons and it has nothing but very very nice things to say about the show so you should go see it already. (If you can't and you'd like to support Really Good, Really Accessible Theatre in Boston, we've got an Indiegogo campaign lasting for a few more days.) Ron and April have earned all the compliments which the article bestows upon them, Jon is an amazingly adaptive director as the article suggests, and the rest of the cast is really really good, too. I feel a little weird about my ankle injury being the story's angle (for the benefit of the narrative, my ankle has turned into my leg) but hey, when one is presented with the perfect showbiz cliché I guess one runs with it and never looks back. What makes me happiest is that the article takes special care to mention that the Porpentine Players' goal really is to get good, affordable theater out there to the nice residents of Boston and vicinity. I am proud to work with them. It is so much fun.

Sonya and I are going to get a few print copies of the Dig to frame and put up around the house, as one does when one is featured so nicely in a print publication, but I love the web version for one reason: it features a glorious bit of juxtaposition what with the article's image being of me playing the Jailer (Sonya: "You look very attentive!" Me: "Am I acting and reacting? That's what I'm supposed to do!") and the background image being some man in bed, from another story entirely, who appears to be balancing a glass of liquor on his bare gut. Thanks to the magic of Web2.0 I appear to be staring disapprovingly at him as if to say "Oh man, if you spill that, we're never getting the smell out of the sheets." I haven't read the story with which he is associated; it's probably the cover story and I should probably read it. But you should read our story first, because it's rare that a fledgling theatre company venturing out on a shoestring gets this kind of nice coverage. But maybe, just maybe, and I truly believe this with all the believing I got, we've just got a damn good show what deserves nice coverage and then some.

We go up tomorrow at 7:30 pm in the first of four more performances, and then four the weekend after. It is a damn good show. I am so proud of it and every nice word it earns.

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Date:January 16th, 2014 02:50 am (UTC)
Bring it on tour, damnit! To the South Bay! We have a Taaffe Street and everything!!

(The first production I ever saw was at my sister's all-girl school: so my abiding memory of the Common Man is that he is in fact female...)
(Deleted comment)
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Date:January 16th, 2014 03:26 am (UTC)
Migosh! I had no idea you were in attendance! Holy cats! Did you stay around for the toast afterwards?
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Date:January 16th, 2014 03:35 am (UTC)
Migosh! I had no idea you were in attendance! Holy cats!

This is what self-promotion is for! Then people know ahead of time and come up to you afterward and say nice things in person!
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Date:January 16th, 2014 06:36 am (UTC)
Looking forward to the weekend after!

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Date:January 16th, 2014 05:41 pm (UTC)
Congrats on the great review!

Although I admit I'm now sort of fascinated by (and a little worried for) Whiskey-in-Bed-Guy. I'm not sure I want to read the article about him in case it's less interesting than my imaginings.
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Date:January 16th, 2014 08:53 pm (UTC)
Awesome! Congrats! Wishing you broken legs for the rest of the run!

Edited at 2014-01-16 08:53 pm (UTC)

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