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Minecraft Dark Riding

After checking out the Minecraft recreation of the Magic Kingdom and its fun interpretation of the rides (the Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain are especially good) I decided to start work on my own Minecraft dark rides. This means learning redstone circuitry and cart physics and the odd way pistons work, so I'm having fun as I go along.

My current project is an experimental sandbox. I'm testing out ideas for visual effects, lighting, piston-activated stunts, and other fun things. I'm using the cart's motion in fun and interesting ways which require long hallways. The opening scene in the main hall shows that the cart takes curves very sharply so I'd like to try and minimize that wherever possible, or at least use the sharp turns to the design's advantage. A quick scene transition, f'rinstance. I also want to make sure everything happens enough within your peripheral vision that you don't have to use the mouse to look around a lot. The little cart that goes by in the main hall sequence is an example of that.

At any rate, my goal is to finish a ride circuit, enclose it in a show building, then create the queue and scenery to give it that good ol' fashioned authentic appearance. Oh yeah, and give it a name at some point.

Here's the video of the latest prototype, unfinished and silent. It gets a little mind-blowing in spots. I'm learning a bit from the murkier video. I'll need to place more lights in certain sections, and embellish certain scenes such as the library. (And give it a proper ending, which I neglected to mention earlier.)

The next project after this will be to create a dark ride with a cohesive story to it, and to build it on a fully seeded and generated Minecraft map. For this experimental project I selected the flat map option when starting out, and didn't realize you can't dig far underground on it. Odd, that. So the next ride, the story of which I'm currently fiddling around with, will be situated on an actual coastline and use the terrain to its advantage.

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