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It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?

I've been playing Minecraft since the alpha launch (back when there were chibi anime girls running around instead of zombies -- don't ask) and yet I've never really delved into Creative Mode, where you can play with infinite amounts of material and no threat of death. I prefer to mine my own castles and chop down my own trees to make my own tools, but this means that unless I get really really bored and go mine a lot of iron and redstone, I won't get to play much with some of the more advanced aspects of the game, such as the boxes of TNT what blow up REAL good.

I decided to fix that, and generated a new game world in Creative Mode. Now I could run around placing blocks to my heart's content. I could build a gigantic statue of a man holding pancakes! I could build a house with a waterfall slide! I could make a working subway system!

Or I could blow it the hell up.

First I had to pick a spot in this pristine, newly-generated game world. I'm going to start small in this nice peaceful river valley.

Wanna blow stuff up? First, dig a hole like this.

Fill it with TNT. That's 11 cubes of TNT there all told. I didn't want to use 27 because I thought that would be overkill.

Next, construct an Ingenious Device With Which to Explode Things. My Minecraft mechanization isn't the greatest yet and my methods are extremely clunky, yet effective. Consider the red lines here as electrical wires that also serve nicely as fuses. When this device is lit, it activates the pistons which push the leftmost TNT blocks onto the pile, which are then activated by the fuse you see on the brick at the top. This fuse is lit when the device is activated, you see. Then the whole shebang will blow up.

Yes, you could just set the fuse to light the TNT directly without the pistons and the pushing, but where the hell's the fun in that?!

Besides, you'll want to construct yourself a staging platform from a nice, safe distance away, preferably one with a view. That nice little pond over there helps the view, don't it?

As the moon slowly sinks in the west, we prepare to pull the switch.

And there's the kaboom. I think. Didn't look too impressive, did it? (The game's framerate also dives into the single digits as it tries to calculate each explosion and its effect.)

So I wonder what kind of hole fourteen blocks of TNT produced.

Well! That sure beats digging indiscriminately for a few minutes, eh? Too bad the explosion also took out the Ingenious Device, but those are sacrifices one makes for science.

And yet, I was kind of hoping for a larger explosion. So I thought to myself gee, if I dug a small hole and filled it with a little TNT...

...what would happen if I re-filled the resulting hole?

No, I mean, really fill it.

That'll do.

The rain pours as the Ingenious Device Mk. II is prepared.

But not even the Rain God itself could dampen a TNT explosion. I don't even want to begin to count how many blocks there are in that hole. More than 27, that much I know.

Speaking of holes, FIRE IN THE

Now this is a blast crater! Oh, say, remember that little pond between our initial Ingenious Device and the staging platform? I sort of turned it into a waterfall.

And yet, that explosion still might not have been big enough for my tastes...

Oh, like you wouldn't try again.

Thank heavens for creative mode, or I'd have been digging up gunpowder and redstone for months.

Takes a long time to fill that much space with that much TNT. Several game days passed as I placed block after block after block

after block after block after block after

okay I think it's ready.

The Ingenious Device Mk. III is prepared.

We take one final look at our special world and its gigantic, TNT-filled hole. Ready when you are, Oppenheimer.

The switch is pulled, there's a loud kaboom, the game freezes for thirty seconds, and I can't wait to see the destruction wrought upon this unsuspecting game world...


Unfortunately, this is the same message I receive when I try to re-load that game world. It simply cannot render the hole I have made, deal with water physics in newly-open spaces, and calculate new lights and shadows and whatnot in one fell swoop. You cannot load this game world anymore.

I have effectively destroyed it. With TNT.

There's a lesson to be learned here, and that lesson is never try this on someone else's server. Which I didn't; I played locally, thank you very much, but I just wanted to warn you in advance if you decided it'd be a great thing to share with random Internet people. And don't blame me if your CPU melts. Blame Java. Seriously.
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