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Good morning,
It is my pleasure to locate your profile and your email on [site I've never been to] as a professional recording studio operator. I am Shawn Michaels from London,I am coming to
your studio there in United State to make a recording of my speech in which I
would be use in a gathering together with my Alumni Member by 23th of
January 2012 here in Bromley,London.I would be inviting a professional
interpreter from China to meet me in your studio in United State for the interpreting
of the speech to Chinese,French,Dutch and Spanish language.

let me know how much you do charge for making a speech recording for two hours
into a CD , as soon as I have the price to have 2hours session with you,I would
go ahead for securing the date with you
Hello Shawn Michaels from London,.

I'm sorry, but we don't take fraudulent cashier's checks, such as the kind you would no doubt insist on paying with in advance, even if you were so nice as to add more to the total on the check for me to "hold for you" while you travelled to my studio there in United State. I would be interested to know where exactly my studio is, since I don't have one. And while I've been to Paradise, I've never been to United State.

Give my best to your Alumni Member.

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