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Do you like radio drama?
Do you like lunch?

The Post-Meridian Radio Players have teamed up with Eat at Jumbo's in Ball Square, Somerville for a Very Special Seasonal Kickoff Lunchtime Brouhaha going on TOMORROW, MAY 3, 2011 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm! And you can be a part if you're within walking or delivery distance! Yes, YOU!

It is all very simple: Place a walk-in or call-up order with Eat at Jumbo's (and you won't be disappointed; I order from there at least twice a week because I'm a hermit and I like good food) any time between 11:00 and 4:00 tomorrow, enjoy your lunch, and the PMRP will get a percentage of the proceeds to help fund our SUPER-AWESOME UPCOMING PRODUCTIONS, such as the PMRP SUMMER RADIO THEATRE this July and our crowd-pleasing BIG BROADCAST OF 1954 in Halloween. We even will pack your order like a goddamn Happy Meal and include SPECIAL PRIZES and FUN STUFF if you order enough! That's right! I said FUN STUFF!

Keep in mind that only walk-in and phone-in orders count as part of this promotion. Don't use no online ordering because we want to either see your shining face or hear your mellifluous voice. Eat at Jumbo's has one of the coolest numbers in the area code, too:

(you can also reach them at 617-666-5862 if the first number is busy.)
How did they get a number with 0000? I DON'T KNOW! I WISH I HAD ONE! IT IS JUST THAT COOL!

Their delivery radius goes about as far out as Central Square. If I had a car I'd drive orders out farther than that JUST FOR YOU but I don't so by the time I got to you the food would be cold and it would still be delicious but cold. I've liked Eat at Jumbo's even before we teamed up for this promotion; they have good calzones and tasty freakin' burgers and chicken wings and chicken tenders and tofu tenders, too, and there's about a zillion types of sauce you can put on them. You can put the sauce on almost anything! I once put Rochester Gold mustard barbecue on a burger! I wasn't even stoned! They didn't bat an eye!

Also, pour les Quebecois dans Somerville, they also serve some of the best poutine you can get south of Old Orchard Beach. Additionally, I am exceptionally proud of Eat at Jumbo's because they stood the hell up to Yelp when Yelp sent some of its muscle over and said "Those are some nice reviews you've received on our site, it'd be a shame if they got pushed down below any bad ones..." So do your part and support not only cool local audio drama but also cool local businesses who've poked Web2.0 extortionists right in the snoot!

Besides enjoying a delicious lunch, you'll have done your Good Deed for the Day and helped out my non-profit group of audio drama nuts. We love putting on amazing radio shows for you right in front of your ears, but love doesn't pay for performance space or equipment unless you and the manager hit it off or something. We've got some great plans for this year and we're raring to go, so if you (and your entire office) like to eat lunch, give Eat at Jumbo's a try tomorrow. You have nothing to lose but your hunger pangs.

If you're out of the area, um, don't fret; we'll have other cool things for you soon. I promise!

And if you do order tomorrow, I recommend asking for the Frank Cyrano calzone. I just came up with the name, but it's the custom one I order from them all the time and maybe if we say it enough they'll name it that! It's chicken, ham, and ricotta cheese. You see, ol' Frank's a little cheesy and maybe a little chicken at times, and he's always been quite the ham. YES I KNOW THIS IS A CHICKEN CORDON BLEU CALZONE IN PRACTICE BUT WORK WITH ME HERE PEOPLE

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