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Ill squared

I do not regret Thursday night's dinner at the Midwest Grill one bit. I only wish my stomach felt the same. It has kept me up for most of the night. When it tires of keeping me up, it takes a break and the cold steps in to keep me up further. Did I mention the cold? There's a cold. The first pangs hit around 10:00 last night, the itching in the back of the throat and the general foreboding. Now I've got sinuses full of concrete and a throat getting more sore by the minute. I pretty much feel inside how it looks outside. Blech.

Not all that disappointed about it happening on my birthday. I didn't really have anything planned for today except for watching The Blues Brothers which is what I like to do on my birthday when I remember and also talking to Mom sometime around 9:30 this evening, which is what I like to do because we both remember. Both of these things will occur no matter what state I'm in, I'm sure of it. So there's not a shred of self-pity. A day is a day is a day. Some days life happens. Some days milestones are acknowledged. And some days you're sick in bed.

I am a square again. Not so bad. I was theorizing over dinner that life stages might be better charted using the square years as milestones, not decades. Birth to year one involves development that's quite different from two to four, f'rinstance. Five to nine are the elementary school years. Ten to sixteen is puberty more or less, seventeen to twenty-five is typically when one starts making those Big Life Decisions for oneself, and twenty-six to thirty-six involves the outcome. I hear marriage and kids are sometimes involved in those last two stages, but not always. Then there are the rest of the squares, which you may be able to fill in yourself. But a birthday is a good day as any for self-absorption, so I have only been concerned about the stages which I have completed so far.

Sure, not everybody's life path fits neatly into those compartments, and I am sure there are already replies of "nuh uh, I was like this and then I was like that before I reached the next square, MYTH BUSTED" a-brewing, but I don't think I'm Being Wrong On The Internet. I just think it's an interesting idea. At least, it's more interesting than "your twenties" or "your thirties", which have always felt so nebulous and subject to change anyway what with recent words of sagacity such as "the thirties are the new twenties" and all.

I should like to point out that no cough syrup has been involved in this theorizing. However, I'm probably going to bite the bullet and take some soon so I can sleep or at least not care for a bit. Thank you for your kind words and wishes, Facebook Friendsandfamily and LJ pals alike, and I will be sure to read all of them when next I am conscious. Enjoy your Friday.
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