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I have been mit out phone for over a week now. Theories that it may actually exist somewhere in the house have been soundly disproven, which means it most likely escaped during a night out last week and God knows what has happened to it. I checked my account history and didn't see any activity over the past week, so at least nobody's going around sending crazy texts or calling Zimbabwe. Thankfully, it was old and the battery life on it was horrendous, so it probably died before anybody found it.

And if you did get a crazy text message from my number or something in the past week, please disregard it and accept my sincere apologies on behalf of whatever nutty sneakster was fooling around.

I got a new smrt phone this evening and am setting it up and stuffs. It is a Droid type phone, though as far as I can tell it does not consider itself to be a Human-Cyborg Relations specialist.

My number isn't changing, which is good. However, lack of old phone means I got no contacts, so if you'd like me to put your number in my phone please go on ahead and yammer at me below. All comments are screened.

Actually the hope is that now that I have a brand new expensive phone-type thing, Murphy's Law will kick in and I'll discover the old one lying around in plain sight somewheres, or maybe the cat hid it in one of his hidey holes and will start batting it around for fun. I will not be disappointed if this is the case, since I've been wanting a new phone for ages now and this was the kick in the pants, however delayed, that I needed to justify the purchase.

I am also considering throwing the BANANAPHOOOOOOONE ringtone on it just to annoy the hell out of people who enjoy leaving their ringtones on and loud to get an annoyed reaction from me. You know who you are. Let's talk brinkmanship.

(There's more to write about, but this ain't the post for it.)

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