It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

The Rule of Gaga, but I ain't throwin this party

On a quick updated note: I think the pain is beginning to break. There's that feeling you get when you notice it has started to soften a bit, and I've got it. I'll be riding the antibiotics out, natch, but it's nice to feel them already starting to go to work. Still have a pressure headache, but I bet I'll sleep it off nicely. Thanks fer the vibes (and canonization, wring. I think.)

Anyway. Earlier I had been in discussion with Mo over Halloween costumes and the inevitability of multiple Lady Gaga costumes this year, as you always get one or two public figures who seemingly get cloned on Halloween. After some consideration I decided that there are only two, count 'em, two ways in which you can acceptably dress as Lady Gaga this year:

1. If you hold a Halloween party where everyone has to come as Lady Gaga, or

2. You attend said party.

It really seems be the best way possible. Otherwise, we'll find ourselves back in 2008 watching the Sarah Palin Battle Royale. Not that it wasn't all that bad, all things considered.

Anyway, goodnight, friends. I'm looking forward to some not-as-painful sleep.

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