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It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Like elephants we is

I am sitting at audition callbacks last night, and it's been a nice evening and I have been handling myself with the utmost social grace and ease as befits a show's director. I have been conducting with aplomb one-on-one interviews of total strangers and have been especially good at not saying anything stupid, because I often default to stupid when I open my mouth for a non-breathing reason.

After the interviews are over, I am in the main room sitting around with folks and I turn to an actress who has worked with us before and I say that I'm glad to see her auditioning for the show and such.

And she says she's happy to be there and all.

Then I say that I heard she had been doing voice work for The Mask of Inanna, the PMRP's new podcast series, and she says yes, she has. I mention that I got to voice a part in one of the episodes-within-an-episode and recorded it with the crew on Saturday and that it was a lot of fun.

And she says yes, she knows, she was in the booth too.

It is very difficult to accomplish something this advanced, but I've had years of practice.

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