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found wifi at kelly's, life is good

By the way, if you're planning on still hanging around the Boston area this weekend, you owe it to yourself to go see Theatre@First's revival of The Margaret Ghost, going on tonight and tomorrow at 8:00 pm, with a 3:00 pm matinee on Sunday. It's being put on at the First Church of Belmont Unitarian Universalist which is a little bit of a hike outta Davis, but easy to get to if you like buses or carpools and driving directions are plentiful and simple.

The fact that T@F has been around long to get to put on a revival is wonder (R&G 2004 represent!) and if you saw the original Margaret Ghost production in 2006, you'll be quite impressed by the changes. And if you didn't, no problem. You'll enjoy what you see regardless. The dialogue sparkles at times, epigrams are delivered quite well, and all the original castmembers have come back to their characters and found new insights and new connections. It was wonderful watching the evolution on Thursday night, and I'm quite proud of everybody involved and I mean everybody. You go look at the program, go look at it, and everybody there I am proud of.

I was afraid I wasn't going to get to see the show cause I was away this weekend, but that's what Thursday performances are for. Congratulations, guys. The revival is great. It celebrates a milestone in the history of a "small but scrappy" theatre company which always promised more theatre and less drama, and the superb production quality of The Margaret Ghost revival: beautiful location, great sets, period costumes that don't make you blanch, and the amazing direction and acting (when you see a diminutive woman dominate a scene opposite a towering, severe fellow -- and you don't have to be told she's doing it, you know something good is going on) is befitting such an important celebration.

Rock the hell on, and break legs left and right this weekend.

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