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The chair in this SUPER PRIVATE INTAR WEB KIOSK THING is freaking me out. It leans back farther than any chair ought to, and I totally ...

Ok. Sorry. It's been one of Those Travel Days. Crummy weather in Chicago, my layover city, meant I left Seattle two hours later than I should have. I sat in front of a cranky toddler who threw tantrums and kicked the back of my seat, and the guy sitting in the aisle seat actually started crying like a baby at the end of Under The Tuscan Sun. It was really really really freaking weird.

So now I have a half hour to kill before I get back on a plane and end up in Boston, juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust in time to miss the subway back. We're expected to land at like 12:20 or 12:25 AM, and factoring in the wait by the baggage carousel and the walk to the bus and the bus ride to the subway, plus the change at Government Center and then the change to Park Street (or, ha ha! the change at State and then the change to Downtown Crossing) means that there's a Very Good Chance that I'll miss the last Red Line train to Porter.

Well, hell. And it's still hovering around zero. How much is a taxi to Somerville, anyway?

On the other hand, Seattle was very lovely. I had a great time and want to go back again.

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