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While I am not an expert in the field of Making Commercials and I certainly didn't take the advanced courses in Making Good Commercials, I am reasonably sure that the commercial creation process involves a lot of eyes and ears belonging to discerning people who, at any time, could notice something slightly amiss with an ad and tell the ad men "You know, it just isn't right. Let's try something else."

However, I'm pretty sure I'm wrong with that theory because if it really were the case, then obviously the world would never have known this inscrutable TV ad for International House of Pancakes -- or, as you'll hear the robot chipmunk sing, IN-TER NASH-UHNUL HOUSE-OF... PAN-CAKES, MMM-MMM-MMMMMM.

Don't ask why the robot chipmunk drops the beat (rather, ask why the intro doesn't bother giving the robot chipmunk the right beat) and don't ask if you can have a hit off the balloons that gaily fly about our central and peripheral vision, because it's clear the robot chipmunk isn't sharing. Don't worry, it wouldn't have made the washed-out food look any more appetizing (though wouldn't it be nice if chain restaurants still had dishes with ceramic chicken heads on top? Seriously, I would actually of my own volition do something crazy like suggest the Cheesecake Factory if I was guaranteed something served on a dish with a ceramic chicken head.)

If Raymond Scott was involved in the music, which is possible considering the bleepy bloopy sounds, someone did a pretty terrible hatchet job on the finished result. In all honesty, though, I'm sad we don't get commercials like this anymore because I've found myself oddly entertained by this exercise in ... whatever it is and would gladly watch it over TP-wiping bears any day.

And the IHOP A-frame style is still a serious ass-kicker. Take that, Denny's "Brady Bunch" Ranch!

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