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It's just this little chromium switch, here...

The insurance company called today. The car's not totalled, they say, so they'll be sending a check for repairs plus the assessment along soon, so I can take it to a shop and have them do the assessing and working and then the company will pay for any extra stuff the shop needs to fix that the assessor did not see (most likely that front axle, hallelujah.)

Still, I'm slightly grumpy because it's now raining, and while the rain is most definitely welcome and needed around here, the car doesn't like driving in the rain right now and it's looking more and more like today should be a Restock The Fridge day. The cats are also doing their "there's no more food left in the world" dance so that adds to the amount what needs hauling, and the last time I lugged a 20 pound bag of cat food home on foot I had to sit down for several days and let my spine decompress. I guess I shouldn't have tried to see how far I could walk with it on my head.

On an automotive note (toot) I'm also slowly becoming accustomed to the uncomfortable notion that the intersection of Lowell and Summer is one of the unsafest intersections around, due mostly to the fact many people just don't notice the BIG HONKIN RED BLINKY OF "STOP NOW YOU FOOL" above them when they drive past. It's a four-way stop, folks. The light and signs are there for a reason -- to keep you from running the stop sign and hitting the other idiot who's running the stop sign in the other direction.

(Remember that classic? Guy gets into a taxicab at Logan, watches in horror as the cabbie immediately runs a red light. "What?" says the cabbie. "Listen, pallie, you're in Boston, this kinda thing is normal. My brother does this all the time." Another cross street, another intersection, another red light shamelessly run. "Don't worry!" says the cabbie. "I tell ya, it's OK to do this in Boston. My brother does it all the time." Then the passenger gets infuriated when the cabbie stops cold in front of a green light. "I had to!" protests the cabbie. "My brother might be coming the other way!")

Apparently everybody's brother's out driving a merry jaunt along Summer Street. There are at least three to five screeching halts heard around here a day, and I heard at least one accident happen (car going south on Summer got t-boned by someone running the stoplight on Lowell) and today I heard another close call. This time it was a tow truck versus some dude in a sedan. I heard the screech and while I didn't hear a crunch (and these days, if I hear a crunch anywhere I'm dashing to the window to make sure it's not my car) the drivers got out and exchanged insurance information and everything. And, true to form, the other cars on the road backed up behind the two and honked angrily, because honking is the best way to fix an accident and make everything oh-kay.

Ah well, at least it's better than television.

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