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Our Cup Runneth Over Dept.

Oh, I pulled off a great bargain bin DVD haul today: Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr. in Salt & Pepper, a 1968 spy spoof in the Our Man Flint vein. Probably used as research for the Austin Powers series. It was filmed well after the Rat Pack's height of popularity and power, and this film shows it. Lawford and Davis, very much middle aged, try their damndest to mesh their Vegas style (nearly antiquated at this point) with the new "hip" kids and their Carnaby Street fashions, and my god it's...

Well, it's not a very good movie.
Okay, it's not a good movie.
It's pretty bad.
Okay, it's bad.

How bad?

Well, instead of the final caption reading "THE END", it says "IT'S OVER".

I don't think I could've spent my five bucks any better, really.

For those keeping track at home, however, Skidoo far surpasses Salt & Pepper in every conceivable messed-up way. The Magic Christian, on the other hand...

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