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Soupy Sales is dead. In case you don't know who Soupy was, he was the dignified, sophisticated children's show host as seen below:

I don't have time for a proper writeup on the man right now, but I do know that when reached for comment, a disconsolate White Fang said "Reh reh. Reh reh reah. Reh reah reh-reh reaaaaah."

So instead of the story of the time Soupy got away with socking Frank Sinatra in the face with a pie, please feel free to do The Mouse all you want with Soupy Sales.
Hey! Do the Mouse, yeah!
Hey! You can do it in your house, yeah!
On the rug or on the wall
If your folks get bugged, do it in the hall
Do the Mouse, yeah!
Let's do the Mouse, c'mon and do the Mouse with me!

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