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When taking time in his radio show to comment on the Human Condition, Jean Shepherd often didn't have to explain the absurdity of an item he was sharing. Shep's audience were Night People just like him, people who didn't automatically buy in to the silly inanities found in the messages sent out by popular culture. Shep reasoned that if he understood the hilarity of a news item enough to laugh at it so would his listeners, so he'd often forego making any kind of explanation or comment whatsoever save for a rousing rendition of The Sheik of Araby on kazoo. Or perhaps if he felt like the subject of this piece of news was truly a shining example of humanity which exemplified the American ideal for which we must all strive, he'd bring up The Stars and Stripes Forever to let you ruminate on it all.

And then he'd go back in to making fun of the whole thing, but nutty music was his punctuation. He was using Yakety Sax before Benny Hill adopted it as his personal theme song. So cue up your favorite Dixieland jazz number or something equally silly, and let us ruminate upon the article in today's Boston Metro, the newspaper favored by 4 out of 5 subway seats. In it, we learn that the terrible plight of this horrible recession we're in has even hit Hollywood, shock and surprise, and we learn of the growing phenomenon of something called "the out-of-work actor":
Twenty-four-year-old TV performer Ian Delaney is handsome. And he knows he can act, because he got plenty of work in Los Angeles when he arrived three years ago. But now he doesn’t have a single role.

"Established actors are auditioning for roles they wouldn't even have looked at a year ago", says Delaney. "And actors like me, who have been able to support themselves on acting in the past, have to look for outside jobs."

Delaney now waits tables at a restaurant.
You can play your zany music now. Or better yet, we could take another cue from Shep and play some truly ponderous music, like something from Holst, and proclaim in stentorian tones the nature of things. Let us weep for the fact that never before in the history of entertainment have actors been forced to rely on secondary jobs when roles are scarce but now, Ian Delaney, most recently known for his 2007 role as "Guy in Car" on Comedy Central's Thanxgiveaway Wiikend 'Ving Break, has come to the uncomfortable realization that he must forego his careful cherry-picking of offers and boldly take a second job of waiting tables.

Perhaps he will pass this job tip on to his fellow Hollywood actors, for truly is he blazing a new trail in the field of alternate employment.

Let the Holst continue while we remain shocked and surprised at this new trend on the Left Coast!

Oh, and on the front page of the Metro today, it has a bunch of pictures of a lady who got a face transplant. Something for everyone.

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