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December 21st, 2003

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08:17 pm
Okay. We have worked out the localized annoying swallowing pain in the back-left of my throat is either:

A. Strep
B. Staph
C. Swollen tonsil
D. Not cancer

And the diodes up and down my left side are still giving me the pain... I guess this year for Christmas I'm gettin mediciny fun.

But on the brighter side of things, looks like the plans regarding my visit to Seattle are coming together more and more. I wish I had a cigar so I could do my best George Peppard impression and chortle "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Also today I learned a very important lesson: Don't eat lunch while watching the beginning of Spirited Away. I put the food down and let the cats go for it. They can turn into pigs if they want.

And now to try and hobble down to the CVS to buy more throat lozenges and perhaps a crossword puzzle magazine cause I won't be goin nowhere for a while.


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