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bits and pieces: IT'S ALL MOON LANGUAGE TO ME edition

000. When an English speaking person is linguistically confused, it's "all Greek" to them. But what would a Greek say when similarly befuddled? According to this handy-dandy chart, the language Greek speakers equate with confusion is Arabic. Chinese is also a popular option around the globe, but when a Chinese speaker is confused, it's all Heavenly Script to them.

Please note that missing from this chart is the crucial correlation between Billy Joel and Rock & Roll. Somehow I just can't bring myself to suggest this in the reader comments field.

001. If you haven't had a chance to say goodbye to Abbie the Cat before he gets sold to the gypsies (did you know that Craigslist frowns upon just such a practice? I had to go through other channels) say it soon. He was engaged last night in a rousing game of Let's Run Really Fast For No Reason and, in an attempt to fly through the den, pulled the lava lamp's power cord with him and sent it crashing to the floor. Luckily the glass globe was very resilient or it landed on the cat (he shows no sign of injury though) because nothing actually broke. No cracks, no lava goop all over the floor and on the cat, no nothin like that. He did, however, break the seal on the lamp so now the liquid has been exposed to air and we can't have that. If you heat it up like this, then all the magical lava solution inside evaporates and where's the fun in that?

After reading through some various lava lamp websites, I learned a few things about the lamps I had not known before, namely
  1. The cap at the top is a simple metal bottle cap, which means any homebrewer could probably re-cap it for me if I asked nicely
  2. People who post to lava lamp collector websites are SERIOUS BUSINESS.
#2 shouldn't really come as any surprise, honestly, given the Internet's power for pulling together people what share common interests and then making them infight like stick insects in a jar. But I've seen communities of folks whose strange and Freudian sexual fetishes I don't share, and they didn't scare me nearly as much as the lava lamp collectors. I don't quite understand it, myself, but then again, I can't quite empathize with the fellow who cried like a leetle babeh when he bought a new lava lamp at Spencer's Gifts and was driven home over a few potholes. I'm sure there are things which I would cry over and he wouldn't, but that's not the point. Today is Point Out The Idiosyncracies Of Others Day, not Admit Your Own Day. That happens the rest of the year because I'm weird like that.

010. On the off chance that you will be up late this evening and won't have too much to do, Turner Classic Movies is showing one hell of a double feature starting at 2:00 am EST. The Terror of Tiny Town followed by Tod Browning's goddamn classic Freaks. Oh yeah. I think I'm going to take a nap now and get ready for it.

011. And it behooves me (yeah, I said behooves) to remind you that if you're going to that Arisia con thing this weekend, be sure to stop by President's Ballroom D (that's D as in handkerchief, as well as "this joke will never get tiresome") on Sunday afternoon around 2:00 and prepare yourself for two hours of live audio drama. The Second Shift crew, who do some very good sci-fi/fantasy work if you haven't already heard them, presents their show at 2:00. Then the latest live episode of Red Shift, which me and the gang threw together in just over a week, goes on at 3:00. You'll enjoy both, so make an afternoon out of it already.

Just in case this wasn't clear, let me reiterate: Red Shift goes on second and Second Shift goes on first. Got it? Good!

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