It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Boston Orpheum, Tonight, 7:30 pm. Be there or be quadrilateral.

Someone shook the snow globe and now we're watching the little flecks of ice and glitter swirl all around for a while. Apparently the little flecks will multiply this afternoon. It seems that my history of playing the Orpheum will forever be entwined with OMG SNEWSTARMS, as my first visit to the theater was during our first Deathstorm 2008 of the season and my second will be in the middle of the last Deathstorm 2008.

It is fortunate we are performing in a Nice Warm Venue mere yards away from the Cold Snowy Boston Common, and it is fortunate that the fireworks are still scheduled for 7:00 (at last report) so that we will hopefully get the same expected crowd after the fireworks do they thang. So come on in around 7:15, folks, get a good seat in our nice warm theater, let your little ones kick the seats in front of them (worse has happened to the seats, honestly) and enjoy a fine hour and a half of pure, unrefined entertainment. We're performin two live radio drama show type things, both of which we hope you will really like. Show up earlier, and your kids will have a grand opportunity to use some of the sound effects equipment.

I believe that it is only fitting that the last day of 2008 is shaping up to probably be the best day of 2008, unless you count that day when I reached into a coat pocket and found a ten dollar bill I'd forgotten was in there. AND THAT WAS A DARN GOOD DAY INDEED because I got ice cream with that money.

Anyway, do stop by the Boston Orpheum tonight if you're around.

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