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000. This evening, while hanging out at her place, rigel graciously decided to let me use the PS2 and a memory card slot so I could enjoy the sheer Disney geekery of Kingdom Hearts. (We've been taking turns; I put in a few hours on KH and now she's attempting to spiff up a house and get a few Sims to score in the Really Wrong Heart-Shaped Pleasure Bed of Animal Noises and Doom.) So far I've enjoyed the tasty 3D graphics and the wonderful animation; I've only made it to Wonderland and already I'm enjoying how each 'toon moves, especially the Cheshire Cat. What a treat! The combat system leaves a bit to be desired, though, what with being unable to actually focus the camera on the next enemy you target. Like, automatically. Or something. But it's still all good so far. I hear I won't be saying that once I get to a certain stage.

001. I need to wear heavy socks when walking in my new boots, or at least socks that don't fall into the boot and leave my ankles to the mercy of high-top chafing. Oops, oops, ouch.

010. And now, here it is, your picture of Everything.

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