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December 17th, 2003

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12:26 pm
An early Christmas present arrived in the mail today. Mom'd asked for my shoe size a while ago and I gamely divulged the details; today a nice package from Land's End showed up on my doorstep, containing a pair of big warm lace-up winter boots, pair of thick woolen socks to go with the boots, and a pair of warm "shearling" slippers that look like loafers lined with wool and boy howdy are they comfortable. I put them on to make sure they fit and I haven't taken them off to try out the boots just yet.

(Don't worry, Mom said I could open 'em and wear 'em. Just wish I'd had the boots yesterday!)

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Date:December 17th, 2003 06:13 pm (UTC)
Santa needs to bring you a pair of removeable snow cleats of some sort. I have a nice black set of yaktrax and I really, really like them. They do work, are worth every penny, and can be moved from shoe to shoe to boot as needed.

Hope you're not too sore from that fall yesterday. Ugh.
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Date:December 17th, 2003 06:18 pm (UTC)
Santa needs to bring you a free ticket to San Francisco so you don't need snowboots. :)

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Date:December 18th, 2003 03:52 am (UTC)
Kinda like snow chains for your feet, eh? That's actually pretty cool. And I gotta admit I just like saying "yaktrax".

Yaktrax yaktrax yaktrax yaktrax.

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