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Hold on to your hats, kids, Pepsi's rebranding!

Pepsi has announced that they are undergoing a drastic relaunching of their branding and packaging to bring "new life" to their flagship brands. The most dramatic element is a redesign of the Pepsi Globe logo, which for some reason is now supposed to represent a smile.
Uh huh. Okay. Let's take a look at the designs which Pepsi undoubtedly paid lots of money for!

This is the new Pepsi logo in its "Yes We Can" Can. The audacity of pop, indeed.
And the Sierra Mist logo was designed by someone who just learned of this awesome Photoshop thingy that makes stuff blurry! Let's use it! A lot! Are your eyes bleeding yet? Are your fingernails digging hard enough into your palm to draw blood because you know you could've whipped up a better logo with MSPaint and a few bonghits? Tough luck, pal, cause THEY got mad paid and YOU didn't!

To be fair, these are design renderings, so it's perfectly logical if someone went a little crazy with the P-Shop. But something tells me the finished product ain't gonna be too far from this.

But wait! There's more!

Ha ha ha! The smile in Diet Pepsi is THINNER! Skinny people don't smile enough! (Okay, this is almost cute.) But the Mountain (excuse me: Mtn) Dew logo! What the hell, people? This is not a soda logo. This is a logo for a regional ski area from the 70s and 80s (the slanted M is what does it). This would be one of those ski areas with T bars and no chair lift, and there'd be one class trip there every year and you'd have to go along but you couldn't downhill ski so you'd stay back at the lodge feeding the hot drink vending machine quarter after quarter to watch it fill paper cups full of half-mixed hot chocolate and the paper cups for some reason always had a blackjack hand printed on the bottom so when you were done you looked underneath and went OH SNAP 18 GUESS I STAND and this is what passed for entertainment for a full day because there was nothing else to do and can you tell that this happened to me on more than one occasion?

These look like store brand logos. The knock-offs. "Mountain Fizz" and "Dr. Bob" and all that. And these logos should stay with the store brands. Nice try at the "hip", Pepsi. Too bad you failed so hard you could hear it all the way in Kuala Lumpur.
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