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THE PMRP AT WBZ WENT A-OK. We were asked to stay an extra half hour than originally scheduled, all our clips were played and they all sounded great broadcast, the sound effects demonstration was fun, and the host Jordan Rich had a grand old time playing Daddy to Kristen's spot-on Baby Snooks. Jordan was a really nice guy, truly interested in the stuff we were doing, and made us all feel welcome and at home from the get-go. I didn't speak nearly as much as I could have on-air (and was only slightly chagrined when Jordan threw the Red Shift questions to Michael) but what matters is that we all came off amazingly well, our projects as well as our friends' projects were sufficiently plugged, and we had fun.

One of the more interesting aspects of a broadcast station is of course the tantalizing glimpse of the backside of water showbiz, which can remove a lot of the Pomp and Presentation you usually expect for a broadcast show -- or at least, the stuff added by your own perception of the events. To get to the radio studio, Jordan led us through an ordinary office building (well, as ordinary as one can get with a GIANT ALL-SEEING CBS EYE on the far wall above you) into a large room with a low ceiling and tons of cubicles, ordinary office cubes with the typical cube farm decorations and whatnot. Jordan then motioned us to be quiet as we rounded the corner and nearly ran smack into the Eleven O'Clock News, currently broadcasting live from the cube farm. It's a temporary news set, he explained, while they built the new HD-friendly studio in another area of the building. We waved at the anchors during commercials and made darn sure not to interrupt the news, because that's sacrosanct, but it was kind of odd to cross behind the cameras to get to the water cooler while the Sportlight Spotlight was going on live in front of you.

I've been to several television stations and have seen my share of news sets, and I've watched sitcoms with TV news people and their offices, but I've never seen a news set in an actual office. Just think about that the next time you watch Channel 4's newscast. It's coming to you live from somewhere between Sales and HR.

Anyway. Not to remove the luster or nothin from the illusion.

The radio broadcast was just as radio broadcasts should be, with a nice and unadorned booth with almost enough headphones for us and one guy with about eight arms working the MCR. We even met Dan Rea's cocker spaniel, who hangs out during his 8 pm-midnight talk slot. I was identified pre-show as the guy who'd done college radio, which made me feel very self-conscious later on when I didn't quite feel like my broadcast best. The voice, she just warn't thar, but all turned out very well.

After the show we went to the Soldiers Field Road IHOP and talked shop while a brawl broke out next to us. The police had to intervene. Someone's weave got yanked out. Our food was kind of late as a result. Always an adventure over there.

TOMES OF TERROR III opens tomorrow night, and if you haven't gotten your reservations in yet, you may be stuck outside listening through an open door, you freeloader you. My Baby Snooks cast is a great ensemble, I'm very proud of the comedy they've created, and I'm confident that we have a great opener on our hands here. The other two acts are very strong as well and you will like all three, I'm pretty sure of it.

Publicity for Tomes III has been amazing. We got on 'BZ, we got a full back page article in the Boston Glob, and the Phoenix named us one of this week's picks. I do hope we have enough room for everybody.

Which then brings us to our most ambitious undertaking yet. I'm gonna hafta talk about it tomorrow. I'm too tired to write anymore. I shall type no more forever. (Tonight, at least.)

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