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If you're in the Boston area next week and have twelve bucks kicking around and a free night on either Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, then you have absolutely no reason whatsoever not to join us Post-Meridian Radio Players at Tomes of Terror III, our yearly Halloween anthology series. We've got three audio dramas performed live before your very eyes, accompanied by live sound effects from live sound effects technicians. Plus there's refreshments. I am directing the first segment, an episode of The Baby Snooks Show, and my cast is hilarious. The other two segments, an adaptation of The Ballard of Reynardine and The Tell-Tale Heart, are scarious. The outfit behind it all is nefarious.

Anyway, the show runs Wednesday through Saturday, October 29 through November 1, at the Unity Church of God on William Street. It's actually the intersection of William and College Ave, so if you walk up College from the Davis Square T-stop you'll see the brick church with the funky glass cube front on the left about four blocks up. Show begins at 7:30. Come in costume and you may win a prize. I'm coming in a costume. It's called "A Director".


If you're not in the Boston area or just want to slough off next week (and this goes for ALLA Y'ALL, okay) then you can listen in to the PMRP this Friday, October 24th, as we appear live on The Jordan Rich Show on WBZ 1030 AM. This is one of the big announcements I've been real excited to make. We's goin on the big time. Jordan Rich is apparently a great fan of old-time radio, and is real eager to have us on and talk shop.

So that's right, we're hitting the airwaves with fifty thousand watts of power to bring you a full hour's worth of radio drama discussion, clips of our shows, and some on-air performances from Tomes III. We go on at midnight -- that's Friday night into Saturday morning, ok -- so be sure and tune in (and someone tape it, will ya?) WBZ's got a pretty broad range across the East Coast, especially at night, but in case you can't tune in, you can listen online. It's going to be fun.

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