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It's just this little chromium switch, here...

gabba gabba meow

The new Rock Band site is up and running, more or less. The big news is you can take pictures of your bands and doodz (only for RB2 bands and doodz) and then save 'em or print 'em out or buy t-shirts with 'em on it or spring for a figurine of your doodz for 70 bucks a go. I won't go the figurine route, but I'm sure having fun making pictures of my doodz. How many more times can I say doodz? Hopefully not too many.

Anyhow, the servers seem to be straining mightily under the weight of ten thousand plastic guitar nerds trying to make about eighty billion pictures all at once, so rendering seems to be kinda slow at the moment. Even so, here's a great shot of the legendary Abbie Ramone:

You can expect more stupid pictures from me as soon as they "develop" on the website.

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