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gimme some sheep; I want to count

It's odd to go from an extended weekend of glorious sloth to three days of hyper-compressed activity. Returning to work on Tuesday made it feel like a Monday; however, after two nights of Tomes auditions and the prospect of running callbacks tonight, Thursday now feels like Friday. Lived an entire week in three days we did. I don't have anything planned for this Saturday or Sunday, do I? I sure hope not, because I think there's going to be a lot of sleep involved.

Still, we try to get a little leisure in if possible. I downloaded the "nerdcore" PAX songs for Rock Band yesterday. MC Frontalot's contribution, "Living on the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe" seems more fun to play as vocals or drums (what with its hip-hop beat and all) than it is guitar or bass. Both the stringed parts are simple and repetitive. Got a 100% on the first try on Hard, and I'm a staunch 98%er when it comes to that difficulty level. Always miss one or two notes because I'm an Amish quilter that way.

"Skullcrusher Mountain" was more enjoyable on a technical level. I'm not a Coulton fan and this won't make me one, but I think the fellow has a knack for good melody and arrangement ("Still Alive" and this both have catchy pop songs for their backbones.) I think this track is the first Rock Band track with a bit of steel slide guitar in it, and that's what I really liked. You even get to emulate a little of that in playing, and I enjoyed that part.

The third comes from a Lovecraftian-esque nerdcore band and I admit I've only played it once so far. I couldn't find the lyrics online with a cursory search, so I'll just have to play again and listen.

The rest of the leisure time yesterday was spent playing a little bit of Castle Crashers (Red and Green knight finished, still working on Blue) and then, yes, sleeping.

Sleep is for the weak me.

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