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bits and pieces: edition edition

000. TNG marathon yesterday on Sci-Fi! Hooray! "Viewer's Choice" marathon! Hooray! Sure, it was a fanservice marathon and Borg-heavy (and they did weird scheduly things like showing I, Borg before Q Who and The Best of Both Worlds) but I enjoyed the parts I watched before declaring an Impromptu Rock Band Party.

001. And boy was that a lot of fun. Half of P3 represented, and b0st0n too, and while I don't think the downstairs neighbors bought the "oh yeah, we're just stopping now" when they leaned on the doorbell to complain, that's actually what happened. So there. (Move out already, guys, so I can practice drumming in between apartment showings.)

010. And in other song news, I think Mr. Bowie's song would go much better if it went like this:
There's a starman waiting in the sky
He'd like to come and meet us
And he says that he'll bring pie
and I don't think I'll ever be able to hear the "real" version again.

011. The next few weeks are going to be... interesting. I really wish EA had consulted me, the Only Person In The World Whose Schedule Counts, before settling on release dates for Spore and Rock Band 2. Spore comes out next week, and RB2 the week after. Which game am I going to devote my Copious Free Time to when my CFT is already going to be taken up by, you know, actual productive projects? C'mon, guys, gimme something to get addicted to during the winter slumps and not tempt me with wonderful diversions when I've got real things to do.

100. Castle Crashers, by the way, has incredible replay value for such a short game. I can't figure it out, but I think it has to do with collectibles and unlocked characters and the glorious Golden Axe style of gameplay gone hyper and cute ("HELICOPTER ATTACK DO THE HELICOPTER ATTACK WOOOOOOO.") I am abstaining from playing it on XBox Live until they fix the bug that sometimes wipes out your entire collectible stash, though. Hrum.

101. How is your day?

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