It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

It is a hot night but a clear night. The crickets are out in full force and while some hate that chirping, I find it pleasantly relaxing. Then again, I grew up with a pond full of spring peepers not a hundred yards from my bedroom window, so perhaps I'm a bit more used to such high-pitched repetition. I will not hear the crickets when I go upstairs to bed, however, as the fan tends to blot out the outside noise. (This is most helpful on weekend mornings when people do crazy things like mow their lawns at 8:30.)

The cat has decided that my right foot is in the perfect spot for a lie-down. I believe he is desperately hoping that someone acknowledges his existence for it hasn't happened in at least a half hour, so here is a special news update: my right foot has confirmation that the cat exists. Further bulletins as events warrant. We now return you to our regularly scheduled universe, already in progress.

The final group recording session for RED SHIFT Mission 2 went quickly on Saturday. We powered through everything and were out in just a few hours, about half the time it took us to do our first session way back when. The best part came at the end of the session when it was just down to four of us doing some round-robin improvisational sound bites for Repo-Bots getting klonked, bashed in, hit, and otherwise damaged. That kind of exercise quickly becomes a game of toppers, and we held out as best we could before breaking down into hysterics.

The second best part of the session was orchestrating a catfight between Penny Parker, A Heroine, and Violet Spektra, A Villainess. We got two takes done in a closed studio and everybody outside gave our two actresses an ovation when they emerged to take a break for some water and air. That's some quality actin' (and volume) for you right there. Neil joked that he was going to master this clip quickly to share with everyone. Hype is good.

All we have left are some pickups for those who couldn't make the Saturday session, two re-takes, and I think that's the entire serial in the can. It then sits and simmers until the post work on Mission 1 is complete. I have a feeling we won't have anything to release until at least November, as we're about to plunge headlong into Tomes of Terror III and our time will be taken up with all that a live performance entails. Auditions are in two weeks and we've pretty much filled up all our reserved slots. Time just has this way of running ahead, and all you can do is try your best to keep up with it, I guess.

And now time has run ahead to midnight which means it's time to remove the foot from under the cat (who still exists) and go on upstairs. We shall talk of other things later.

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