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Rock Band Tuesday: Ol' Nep-toon-a's Only Daughter Edition

Oh boy oh boy! It's Doolittle Day for Rock Band players and I've been looking forward to the Pixies album since it was announced. So I run run run like the little scamp I am, home from work, and eagerly hit up the ol' XBox and start downloading some tracks.

Except Monkey Gone To Heaven is missing from the download list. Er. Hopefully that's an oversight and it'll be ready for me soon enough, cause I'm keeping the points available for it (even if I do wind up getting the whole album, I figure I might as well pay a little extra as a thank-you to Harmonix for cheerfully ignoring the screeching howler monkey cries of the Message Board Flatheads who scream "CMON HARMONDIX STOP F***ING AROUND WITH F***ING LAME BANDS FROM THE F***ING 90S AND F***ING GIVE US COLDPLAY OKAY THATS IT I JUST THREW MY DISC OUT I'M NEVER F***ING BOTHERING WITH U AGAIN WORST MONEY I EVER SPENT HEY LOOK I TOTALLY JUST GOLD-STARRED GG/HT" and choosing DLC based somewhat on how much fun it'd be, and just not because someone's mashing they tiny fist into the keyboard while hollering at the top of their lungs.)

I've only done the stuff on guitar so far, so no singing just yet. Besides, I love Mr. Black, Francis but I'm not about to give up my vocal chords for nobody. Yes, that means Debaser, though it's easy to get into the spirit and holler along as you play.

Here Comes Your Man is just an enjoyable tune to play. Just a lot of fun. Gouge Away is all right, though I guess MTV Games decided it was necessary to blank out "marijuana" cause lord help me if I heard someone on TV say that word, I might actually think of going out and SMOKING SOME OH NOS GASP.

That is, of course, if there was any to be had. I can tell it's a dry season because I'm not even picking up the occasional scent around Davis at night. Few years back, nobody was even bothering with keeping their windows shut. You could pick up a pretty decent contact high by walking down the right streets around twilight.

But Mr. Grieves is hilarious to play on guitar, and I am giddy with the prospect that its idiosyncracies (losing the beat slightly during the opening, the sudden time signature change, and the fact that on Hard at least, you suddenly find yourself hammering out three-button chords at the same time you slip into 3/4) will so anger the aforementioned Flatheads that they all get brain aneurysms and lose the ability to post.

And what a beautiful world that would be!

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