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scenes from a victory

The celebration had just begun in the Whateveryouwanttocallit Garden last night. The first few pieces of confetti from those giant cannons had begun to settle on the floor, the chairs, the heads and shoulders of fans. The court had suddenly disappeared, overtaken by the team, news crews, and anybody else who could get on the parquet and not get in trouble for it. And a camera crew had found Kevin Garnett who was riding a crest of emotion so powerful he was almost ashamed of it.

KG was looking down, shaking, with his cap over his eyes. After enough cajoling from the news reporter, he finally lifted his head and his cap up revealing eyes tightly squinted shut in an attempt to not show the tears. Why he felt the need to hide this I'm not sure; he finally won an NBA championship, he had a right to be emotional. He took a few moments to try and compose himself; it didn't happen. He tried to get a few words out and they were very difficult to come by. Nevertheless, our stalwart and intrepid reporter stood right by him, mic jabbed into his face, waiting for some kind of comment.

Garnett began to ramble. He said was either high or hyped from the win -- couldn't understand that word -- he knew he wasn't gonna sleep for the next few days, and then when he realized the Truth, he raised his fist, leaned back and hollered "ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE! ANYTHING'S POSSIBLLLLLLLLLLLLE!"

Honestly, it was a beautiful display of such a sweep of emotion. Even if he dropped a few words that they had to cut out of the live feed. But Garnett had earned this emotion (Paul Pierce, too, but he kept himself a bit more composed.) Our ESPN reporter's work here was done; she'd gotten a brilliant moment (and even more brilliant sound bite) from Garnett. But Kevin wasn't yet done. Eventually he worked up the vocabulary to start giving shout-outs to everyone he knew and loved. People and places were indeed represented. Much love. And then KG leaned into the camera and cheered with his mom, and launched into a brilliant Cagney imitation:


This did not faze (or register with) our news reporter, who apparently hadn't witnessed the display (showing, not telling) of the past two minutes, because she responded by opening her mouth and letting this gem fall out:

"What's top of the world feel like, Kevin?"

And they ask me why I love television. And I say it's because of moments like this.

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