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Random bits of note.

000: is my Buddy. I'm very happy about being able to grab Ron & Fez mostly, since I thought I'd never hear them again after Opie & Anthony got fired from WNEW (their fans would Shoutcast the WNEW feed for O&A, but conveniently leave the feed up and running afterwards for R&F.) Whatley Radio (a streaming R&F archive station) stopped after WNEW decided to drop the talk and go to whatever junky music they play nowadays. Thankfully Ron and his "best friend in the whole wide world" migrated to their simulcast station WJFK in Washington, and some nice budday is posting the show to Usenet, and I'm enjoying hearing them after almost a year of not being able to. I'm a bit older and wiser to some of their ways of radio, though (abusing their producer is a favorite bit and Wonderboy seems to really want to take up the ol' Fabulous Al Dukes role, but has yet to really capture the passive antagonism Al gave out with every show.) I still miss when they'd bring Andre the Giant, Iris from Bayridge, and Kenny ("NOOOO! I'M THE ONE WHO GETS TO SAY THINGS!") Allen in and just tag-team some unsuspecting interview guest.

001: In that vein, I'm also glad to grab up all the Phil Hendrie shows I can get as well, because Phil is a radio genius. He's a professional troll, his entire show's a joke, and he does his best to incite unsuspecting listeners to call in and argue with his phoned-in guests. Now it's amusing and all, but this wouldn't be half as compelling if it weren't for the fact that Phil does all the voices. He's got his finger on the phone filter button and he can seamlessly and skillfully switch between his radio host voice and his guest caller voice, alternately arguing with and defending the real person who calls in to complain. It's incredible when it happens. Unfortunately there's a lot of downtime if Phil can't get a live one, so he'll just rant on and on, going more and more for the outrageous in the hopes of hooking someone. You know. Typical troll behavior. And, like a good troll, when Hendrie is on, he's on, but when he's not getting anything in return, he's nuts.

010: Additionally, parity files are an absolute godsend for Usenet binaries, especially with Comcast's binary-unfriendly newsserver.

011: Hey, which of you is PilotCarde? I got some IMs a day or so ago from PilotCarde asking about JavaScript front-ends for SMS messaging and such -- I figured it was someone's alter ego but you disappeared before I could reply with a customary "wait, what" or something. Mail me if you want.

100: And why the hell does my cellphone still think that I have new voice mail messages, as indicated by the little envelope icon all lit up in the display? I don't. I have three saved messages and I've listened to them all. No new messages. The envelope should disappear into the liquid crystal aether but it does not. It stays lit. I don't have text messages or nothing either. I'm most concerned because usually when the little envelope icon is up, the phone won't blink its little HEY STUPID light when I do get new voicemail. This means I either check every time I'm away from the phone for a suitable length of t-- no. I will not be a slave to the little silver communicator. I won't! I shan't! Shan't shan't SHAN'T!

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