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Mr. The Cat got a birthday present yesterday in the form of a brown leather collar just right for an indoor cat. The eventual goal is to get one of those special tags that say IF YOU CAN READ THIS I'M A DOOFUS CAT WHO IS LOST SO PLEASE CALL 617-FEED-ME or whatever, though with the price of tag printing I don't think I'll use that many letters. Abbie's collar benefactor assured me this was the best collar she could find for him as the other ones featured rhinestones and other sparkly things, and while Mr. Abbie is many things, the Pretty Pretty Princess of Cookieville he is not.

I anticipated a major struggle putting the collar on him. He's never worn one before, and our adventures with a walking harness ten years ago (my god, has it really been 10 years?) ended in humorous disaster: he fought with me when I tried to put it on, I took him outside and all he wanted to do was eat dirt, then I brought him inside and he fought with me again while I tried to take the darn thing off. Flashbacks of trying to give him pills also ran through my mind, and before I went to collar the cat I invited people to say good bye to my arms in their pristine, unshredded, pink/fishbelly white state.

I did decide to get a little wily, though, and doped him up good with catnip beforehand. He snuffled along the floor like a little vacuum cleaner and proceeded to get very mushy. I picked the gargantuan beast up (he's back to 20+ pounds, all right) and put the collar around his neck. Amazingly enough, he didn't get fussy at all. He squirmed a bit when I was trying to buckle it, but it was hard trying to maneuver under all that fur. At no time did he switch to DO NOT WANT mode, and I was very impressed and proud of him and ended the session by giving him more catnip and stressing that he is a Very Good Cat Indeed. I'm not sure if it was the catnip or his general disposition that made him so easy-going, but I was real happy that it didn't end in tears. He doesn't mind wearing the collar at all; I watched him afterwards to see if he'd start showing any slinking signs of WHAT THE HELL MAN but he didn't. In fact, he curled right up to me and dozed off purring while I played Oblivion and went all Ghostbusters on some Ayelid ruins.

The end result is that he now has a dapper brown collar which you can't really see unless you look for it, and if you come by, please do look for it and tell him that it does indeed make him a most handsome fella, because I can only say it so many times before it loses sincerity.
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