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Looks like Interplay finally shut down Black Isle and laid everybody off. (Also, please: a board that filters out naughty words with '*beep*'? What are we here, twelve? Just star out the offending words and be done with it. '*beep*' as written looks incredibly stupid. But that's semantics for you.)

We've lost some grand old gaming companies this year -- Microprose finally succumbed to "Atari's" horrible management (give that name back, you bastards, you don't deserve it) and now we must mourn the loss of Black Isle too. Sure, perhaps the companies that we lose weren't exactly putting out games of the same caliber as the ones we remember fondly, but that doesn't make the loss any less of a, well, bummer.

And it looks as if Fallout 3 will go the way of, say, System Shock 3. Again, bummer.

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