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Look Around You

Even if you don't go beyond the cut, you can download the brilliant MP3 here which I ripped directly from the episode.

EXPERIMENT ONE. An experiment was carried out to demonstrate how a modern song is composed.

Here is a state-of-the-art songwriting computer: the Harrington 1200. You've probably never seen one yourself because it costs almost 1000 pounds.

The Harrington 1200 comprises a keyboard, console, and banks of oscillators and modulators, but it's at the heart of the Harrington that we find the real musical motors that power this machine:

DNA samples taken from the composers Gilbert and Sullivan.

This is Jack Morgan, the scientist who will be operating the machine. He starts by informing the Harrington of the song's key.


It's in the key of S. Write that down.

Next, the song's tempo:

"Quite fast."

Finally, the scientist must think of a title for the song. He scans his surroundings, looking for inspiration.

"Little mouse."

Little Mouse. It's a catchy title. Write it down.

The Harrington 1200 gets composing...

and a few moments later the song is written.

And we can now all listen to Jack Morgan's song, Little Mouse.

I remember the night
Scratching at my door
Furry, small and white
I shook you by the paw

Cause I like you, my friend
I respect you, my friend

I'll encourage you, my friend
Through and through

Hey now little mouse
I hope we understand one another
Hey now little mouse
Show me what to do

(Little mouse!)

Hey now little mouse
There's something moving there in the back room

Hey now little mouse

Show me what to do

Show them what to do

(Is enough for me and you...)

That was Little Mouse there by Jack Morgan. Who knows, he may have a hit on his hands. And, from all of us here at Look Around You, we wish Jack the best of luck.

[1] Approximation. If you think you have a better interpretation, let me know.

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