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So, Spatch, how's things?
Huh? Oh, things are fine. Been super busy. This explains the embarrassing lack of Actual Factual Honest-To-Goodness Writing lately. That and the fact that they've gone and blocked LJ at the office for the most part.
Sorry to hear that. So what have you been up to?
Well, we just wrapped a two-week run of Much Ado About Nothing, where I stepped in midway and played an ancient sidekick to R Jo's librarian constable, and lo was there much mirth and 'musement. Sorry you didn't see it, but you're off in $OTHERLAND or something and would have only expressed sincere upsetness about it all had you been informed. (We're trying to make things easy for you lately; we know how it is.) It was a wonderful show and the cast was very tight and even the Thursday night show had more energy than some opening nights I've been through.

Other than that, well, the Red Shift radio funtime jubilee project continues on apace, and once the first series is mastered we'll have it out for release, and are working on recording the second series. At this rate I'd like to have both series finished so we can release episodes on a bi-weekly basis and actually have it look like we're maintaining some semblance of a schedule. However, as is the case with many pet projects, you can only pet after you've done all the other important stuff in your life, and by gum we know a lot of people with a lot of important stuff going on. At least the official website's finished and ready for content.

The new season of Doctor Who has started, so it's time to set aside an hour plus each week for snark and love. The jury's still out on Catherine Tate as Tennant's new companion. From what I hear Tate is the British comedienne equivalent of Molly Shannon, relying on repetitive obnoxious characters with one or two equally obnoxious catchphrases ("Am I bovvered?" is apparently the new "I'm fifty!") but I will admit she's got some chops and has seen fit to remove a great deal of the Really Annoying aspects of her character from the last time we saw her, during the Christmas Special in between Rose's last and Martha's only season. Maybe at some point I'll get annoyed and start complaining again and writing really hilarious parody scripts, but I actually enjoyed the most recent episode involving Pompeii. Even if one of the bad guys really really really really wanted to be John Hurt in the worst way. (Did we not learn from what happened to him in I, Claudius? I mean, really, people.)

Oh, and there's also now an XBox 360 sitting where the PS2 used to sit, and Rock Band is coming on Friday. Anybody around Davis Square who wants to come play, we'll probably do something up on Friday or maybe Saturday night. Well, I'll be playing all weekend in a mad attempt to unlock as much stuff as I can, but there's only so much one can do in Solo Tour mode so stop on by if you want to take a turn.
Aw, dang, I live too far away; allow me to express my displeasure by using these emoticons.
Go right ahead. In the meantime, I am perfectly happy playing at being a Pinata Pimp.
Wait, what the heck's a Pinata Pimp?
We'll discuss that later.
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