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March 23rd, 2008

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11:52 am - what
PUZZLE QUEST: Hey, Spatch.


PQ: Do you like Bejeweled?

SPATCH: Uh, sure.

PQ: And do you like RPGs?

SPATCH: Yeah, I guess.

PQ: Then I bet you'd like me! I'm an unholy cross between Bejeweled and an RPG!

SPATCH: Doesn't sound all that compelling. In this game, do I just, like, battle a computer opponent by playing Bejeweled at them?

PQ: Yeah! More or less. We take turns making moves and stuff.

SPATCH: Puzzle Pirates already did a single-player variant on Bejeweled, and they had more than just one game to play, too. I just don't see what the appeal would be here. Running around a land playing Bejeweled against monsters?

PQ: Oh come on, give us a tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

SPATCH: I've got other things to do.

PQ: You know you waaaaaant toooooooo...

SPATCH: Oh, ok, let's just see what all the fuss is about.


SPATCH: Fuck you, Puzzle Quest.

PQ: Nice move! Now watch as I do a chain of multiple four-in-a-rows and make sure I get all the good adds and smack you around for good measure!

SPATCH: Fuck you fuck you fuck you.

PQ: Aw, I left you with one move, see?

SPATCH: Yeah, one that sets you up for another combo chain. You cheat, Docta Jones.

PQ: Didn't you have stuff to do?

SPATCH: Yeah, but it can wait until I get to level 15 and win the fight against the ogre and capture that other dood so I can learn his spells and then buy some new gear so I can bolster my spells and do damage every time I capture yellow mana and and and and and and OH HOW I LOATHE YOU PUZZLE QUEST

SATAN: Yay! That's another notch in my satanic bedpost!


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Date:March 24th, 2008 04:08 am (UTC)
I accidentally erased my save file after I was level 20 or so. No matter. The game is so addictive that I started over from scratch!

If you find a support group, please post about it.

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