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my evil idea

Huh. I think LJ is having crazy issues.

There should be two posts made today -- one is public, and the other one was filtered. My computer clock decided to be 12 hours behind itself the other day (THANKS DST, THANKS WINDERS) so I think I fixed the problem, but I can't tell if the posts actually showed up or not. If you see only one post, cool. If you see the one and the filtered one (and you're in the filter group) then cool too, and you don't have to say anything about it (but if you can help, that'd be great.) If you can see this post, then even awesomer.

Now comes my evil idea.

It came to me last night while playing AudioSurf and having a hard time figuring out which was sadder: that I fed the game "My Pal Foot Foot" by the Shaggs, or that I got the top score -- and actually dethroned someone else who'd already played.


The Shaggs, of course, were a trio from New Hampshire in the 60s whose father decided his daughters would be rock and roll stars. He gave 'em instruments and, according to who you listen to, a month or a year's worth of lessons. Then he paid for recording time at a studio and cut an album or two. The results are some of the worst music you ever heard -- or the most genius, depending on how you look at it. On the one hand it's so neat to see people with no skill whatsoever just playing the music however they can, apparently without one whit of a "I don't think we're doing this right" thought. On the other hand, boy howdy it's so bad it's good.

Well, my evil idea is to take Shaggs songs like My Pal Foot Foot and actually make them rock songs. Arrange them right, try to use as much of the original words and cadence and melody (forget the chords, I think they open strum a few times) as possible but make it actually sound like a song. I dunno, I gots crazy ideas.

Who's with me?
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