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SF/33 Mini-Update

First film: Cloverfield. Filmed in Hurl-O-Vision. I don't usually watch films through my fingers, but the hand-held shakycam gimmick got real old just about the time the first monster attack hits, and it got sickening by the third time we were running for our lives. Still a compelling kinda thing, but I had to keep checking for Awesome Things to be going on in between averting my gaze lest I hurl my breakfast sandwich.

Second film: King Dinosaur. Hilarous bad Bert I. Gordon flick you may remember from MST3K; this one brought us the gift of Joey the Lemur, friend to mankind! The climax of this film involved the producer taking a komodo dragon and a monitor lizard and throwing them into a Fight Club for some gecko-roman wrestling. Fun to snark at.

Third film: The Last Mimzy. Kids' flick? Sorta... it's a sci-fi fairy tale and involves kids, but it was actually rather compelling and featured Rainn Wilson as a kinder, gentler Dwight Schrute. Plus the special effects were rather nice.

Plus a bunch of shorts, ranging from the amusing to the incomprehensible. We're s'posed to vote on em. I saw 2 installments; missed the third.

Currently there's a documentary on the Apollo missions showing, but I had to stop at home and pick up some extra stuff, so you get this report. Okay? Okay. Bye!
Tags: sci-fi marathon

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