It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

A thoroughly geeky cake

hermitgeecko knows how much I likes my World of Warcraft and she knows how much I likes my Alterac Valley PvP battleground, one which at the moment I am unable to play as much as I'd like owing to the fact that the Other Side refuses to play it now that they're not able to win 100% of the time (long story.)

So she made me an Alterac Valley cake:

Alterac Valley Cake

The Alliance spawn cave has been eaten, by the way, so that the Horde has a distinct terrain advantage. I am also considering cutting out and eating strategic pieces, too, to make for some great bottlenecks.

It also makes perfectly clear that Balinda's tower, one of the strategic objectives of the map, is truly a piece of cake.

This is probably the geekiest thing in the house right now, and I am still giggling over it all.
Tags: awesome, world of warcraft

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