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That's right, here's the culmination of our secret project codenamed RS@A08, the thrilling two-part RED SHIFT adventure entitled Havoc Over Holowood! We performed it live before a whole bunch of ears last weekend at Arisia, New England's something-or-other-sci-fi-fantasy convention.

For those unfamiliar with the show, here's a breakdown of our protagonists:
  • RED SHIFT, sworn defender of justice, fair play, and restaurants that give free refills on soft drinks
  • LUMPY, Red's best friend, trusty second-in-command, knowledgable ship's mechanic, and all-around nice guy
  • PENNY PARKER, GIRL REPORTER, an Earth stowaway from 1939 who joins Red and Lumpy for the chance to enjoy amazing galactic adventures
  • DR. ALBERTS, former head of the Research Institute on Earth in 1939 and stowaway as well
In Havoc Over Holowood, the entire crew takes a vacation to sunny Holowood, where all the holographic entertainment in the galaxy is created. The vacation turns sour, however, as they're quickly roped into helping Lumpy's favorite holostar, Jetpack Jones, save his show from a band of marauding fans with atomic weaponry! There's excitement, melodrama, fanfic, and a chase scene complete with exciting chase music that I wasn't expecting. We also leave no cliche unturned.

This was our third performance at Arisia, starting with our CHICKEN HEART recreation in 2006 and continuing with the first RED SHIFT adventure, The Terror of Terra-Khan, in 2007. (Terra-Khan will be our first fully studio-produced adventure, currently in post and scheduled to debut as a weekly podcast thingo in February.) As with last year's adventure, we're able to be a bit freer with the con/fandom jokes as that's our audience. The studio recorded stuff, while still as nerdy as they come, will be a bit more accessible to those who haven't been to cons.

Anyway, now we have streaming versions available in low (we sound all electronicy!) and high quality, as well as large downloads themselves. I'd be up for chopping the downloads up into smaller chunks for easy listening. Thrill to the exciting adventures! Cringe at the terrible puns! Try to fill the plot holes yourself! It'll be fun, I promise!
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