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what is it with cereal

It was very cold and very dry when I stepped out this morning so the ice and snow underfoot made it sound as if I was descending down a stair covered in Cap'n Crunch. I'm surprised I didn't wake up the entire neighborhood.

The snow is still clinging to the trees in that "I'm frosted and delicious!" kind of way, owing to our OMG DETHSTORM3000 a few days ago. Most of the precip fell as the temperature hovered around freezing, so the wet snow covered everything and stuck to it. As the temperature dropped and the stuff stopped falling for the most part, we were suddenly surrounded with nothin' but white all over the place. When I stepped offa the T in Davis the air was clear but the snow was everywhere. The light strands in the trees on the park underlit the snow on the branches, I wish I'd taken the picture of the two snow bicycles chained to a snow parking meter, but I'd forgotten the phone had battery power until I reached my street. The light was low so I told the camera "take in all you can!" and it it did its best, as best as a little scrappy cameraphone can do.

Our manmade signage rendered useless by the onslaught of blinding, obscuring snow, we locals had to navigate by natural landmarks such as "that ramp of snow what used to be the sidewalk."

Snow on the trees
Then I met a crystalline alien entity or something. Maybe it's a sea creature. I'm not quite sure. But the light sure made it look groovy.

The lesson I learned long ago, as a native New Englander, is that snow is cool to look at if you don't have to move it. I didn't have to move this.

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