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December 29th, 2007

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11:22 pm - Attention 1972 Dolphins
Hope you kept the receipt for that champagne.

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Date:December 30th, 2007 04:28 am (UTC)
That was a game worthy of Boston. Hair pulled out, heart-rates raised, yelling, screaming, etc.

Just seeing the final onside kick attempt made me feel like I was watching something Not Normal.
Date:December 30th, 2007 04:58 am (UTC)
That was excellent. It was totally nail-biting until the second Brady-Moss touchdown. After that, destiny took over.

I watched at Joe Sent Me, which is such an excellent venue for important sports games. Always enthusiastic, but never insane. And tasty grub! Always a friendly crowd and staff.

And isn't it awesome how that group of Pats fans just won't leave the stadium?
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Date:December 30th, 2007 02:41 pm (UTC)
That was me, by the way. LJ appeared to log me out right between reading and posting. Wacky.
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Date:December 31st, 2007 02:17 pm (UTC)
Crazy cookie conundrums, perhaps?

I second the love for Joe Sent Me. It's not a bad walk from Davis, the beer is decent (though sometimes they're off on their Guinness pours), the music selection is always interesting, and their burgers are just fine and tasty. I also like how they re-used the old outdoor storefront signage, back from when it was Not A Restaurant, on the inside.

I also loved how Giants stadium cleared out right quick except for a cluster o' fans.
(Deleted comment)
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Date:December 30th, 2007 06:14 am (UTC)
somehow, i sense that new england will be in a similar place in 2037...
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Date:December 31st, 2007 02:20 pm (UTC)
It's all cyclical, and something Boston sports fans must accept, all zen-like and stuff. Sometimes you're the undefeated perfect season winners of all winnings, other times you're ... you're the 1996 Celtics.
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Date:December 30th, 2007 07:14 am (UTC)
It's not a perfect season unless they win the Super Bowl, and that's not happening. Go Chargers!
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Date:December 30th, 2007 07:51 am (UTC)
I don't know if it will happen or not, but I agree that they need to take the Super Bowl (oops, I mean The Big Game....I don't want to get sued by NFL properties for using the real name) for it to be truly record.
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Date:December 30th, 2007 07:53 am (UTC)
I don't get it.

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Date:December 30th, 2007 08:00 am (UTC)
I believe I will be hosting the SuperBowl on the Big Giant HDTV. You in? :)
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Date:December 30th, 2007 08:23 am (UTC)
sukkit, masshole! :)

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