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December 2nd, 2003

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04:37 am - Oh, it's December again, isn't it.
This means that ... wait, wait. Let me count it on my fingers here -- oh, yes. There's a 3 here, and there was a 7 there, and, yes. Seeing as how I moved from Florence (01062) to Reading (01867) in December of 1997, that means that I have now been out in the Eastern part of the state for six years.

Good lord, that's almost 1/5 my lifetime.

In that time I have had one car, two cats, three periods of unemployment, four addresses, five "real" jobs, and nine housemates. (I skipped six through eight there because while I realize that my total number of paramours falls into that range, I am loath to try and count for fear I'd leave someone out.)

I have been richer than I ever was before, and I have since become poorer than I ever was. I rode nearly 200 roller coasters. I went away for a month and drove around the country. And now I am here.

Not to quantify things further, but five years sounded like an accomplishment. Nice tidy complete number. Six just seems like, well, six. Ah, well. I shan't go into it further.

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