It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

How not to be kind to your hands, the Red Shift way

Step 1. Finish editing Episode 1.
Step 2. Begin first draft of Episode 2.
Step 3. Stop because you've been typing all day and could use a break.
Step 4. Spend your break playing Guitar Hero for an hour or so, fully aware of the folly of your ways. Justify it by saying if House can play guitar in between bursts of inspiration, so can you. Kinda.
Step 5. Get back to writing already.
Step 6. There is no Step 6 because you've stopped halfway through Episode 2 to compile sides for readings tomorrow. Now go to bed already; you've got a busy day of typing ahead of you.
Step 7. Stop on your way upstairs to take a moment to post to LiveJournal about how tired you are of all this typing, fully aware of the folly of your ways a second time around for double the delicious irony. Enjoy the burn and consider getting dictation software that you can program to recognize words like "pratz" and "cogznowski".

No, it's not the wrists, it's the fingers. I'll be better tomorrow.
Oh, and I totally 5-starred Cliffs of Dover on Medium, not bad for an up-and-comer, so it was all worth it, OK?

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