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Been without a working Internet connection for most of the day. Am stealing neighbor's wireless at the moment. Spent the day rather productively though thanks to Adobe Audition, a cat, Guitar Hero, and frequent naps.

Questions on this new season of House under Le Cut d'Eljay, so if you ain't gotten up to speed on Season 4 yet, just remember that I said hi and I said my Internet sucks and I said the cat is hungry.


1. How do you feel about this season's Reality TV storyline? What started out as a very amusing way for House to rebuild his team has turned into The Apprentice: Princeton-Plainsboro, complete with "You're fired!" shot around every now and then. I mean, when House was firing entire rows at the start, I thought that was hilarious. When he started going on about "answer this one right and you win immunity" a few weeks back I thought he was just fuckin around for the sadistic fun of it. When he notes it and mocks it, it's funny. But Christ, this week he seriously went and pulled a SHOCKING TWIST on a SHOCKING TWIST!! as any reality show's publicity team would've said. I know he's having an absolute blast tormenting his potential newbies, but man. Giving Mormon Guy the boot, Tribal Council-style, after granting him immunity and his choice of contenders to throw overboard, that was SUCH a Mark Burnett move. You could just hear Jeff Probst say "However..." with snarky glee at that point.

And I haven't even watched a single episode of Survivor since the whole Boston Rob/Ambuh engagement season which was like a zillion years ago.

2. How did you feel about the Cuddy Panty Raid shenanigans, or even the mere thought of Cuddy going around commando-style? And did you feel the same way about the Manipulative Bitch in between House theorizing she, too, had no underwear and her proving him wrong? I can't tell if I was supposed to feel guilty going "Hmmm, now there's a picture that'll keep me warm during those long nights at sea" or not.

3. How do you feel about the Incredible Coincidence that Foreman, Cameron and Chase are -- surprise, surprise! -- still at Princeton-Plainsboro? Sure, it keeps all 3 actors on board and I'm sure they're pleased as punch to be able to pay the rent, but I kind of liked the full-on finality of last season. Though, if anything, I'm glad that if they have to be back at the hospital, they are there in entirely new capacities, instead of slinking back and being rehired by Dr. Gregory "Don't Let The Door Hit Ya Where The Good Lord Split Ya" House.

4. Who do you think will end up as his final team? My guess for next week: Either the Manipulative Bitch or the Plastic Surgeon Guy gets the axe, or all four stay on (another SHOCKING TWIST!) The Kid's been built up quite a bit as to be a very good foil ("Didn't I fire you, Number 6?" "No, I'm Number 9.") and we were introduced to the Very Smart But Somewhat Vulnerable Young Lady even before the whole Hiring Game began, and House has shown his own form of sympathetic interest in her well-being... even though Wilson's called him on the fact that he's firing the team members he'd actually like, or at least not outright loathe.

Both the Manipulative Bitch and Plastic Surgeon Guy are very cunning and that's admirable in House's eyes, but I think one of 'em is going to piss him off enough to give 'em the boot. But all four staying on could be good.

See what I'm doing? I'm actually speculating as if it were a reality series. Lord help us all now.

(Oh, and if he fires all of 'em and brings Cameron, Foreman and Chase back on board, I'm so throwing a shoe through the TV set. Just sayin is all.)
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