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Best birthday celebration ever.

This is one of the best stories I've read in a long time.
(11-18) 14:05 PST San Francisco -- A foghorn sounded on the Golden Gate Bridge Sunday morning, followed by the sounds of the big band tune "Hey Big Spender!"

A red and white Capezio tap shoe emerged from the fog, and out popped 75-year-old Michael Grbich of Oakland, who tap-danced his way across the landmark bridge - just because he could.
Not only does it make me feel gleeful, it perfectly embodies the philosophy that really makes me beam inside. It's the eccentricity combined with the attitude that if you wanna do something just cause you can, do it. Imagination plus motivation equals celebration. You have an idea? You wanna tap dance across the Golden Gate for your 75th? Can you do it? Go ahead! Do it! Just because you can. It's that impulse that drives a creative spirit. It feels good to live in that fashion. And don't worry about feeling old or ineffective or whatever, as Mr. Grbich also believes this teaches us a bit about risk, too.
...Grbich is a mixed media artist, weightlifter and tightrope walker whose motto is "I risk, therefore I am."

"Whether you are 75 or 25, life is all about taking risks," Grbich said. "That's when you're truly alive - like playing tennis or making love or dancing - you forget everything and lose your self consciousness."
If leading your own parade across the Golden Gate Bridge with grandchildren tossing confetti and tapdancing on iron gratings to hear how it sounds helps you retain your self-consciousness, man, do it.

How awesome! How inspiring! My grandpa jumped out of an airplane for his 80th birthday (beating George Bush to it, I might add) because he could. I only wish I can accomplish something as cool when I turn over larger milestones.
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