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Knott's Berry Farm

A few cameraphone pictures from my day at Knott's on September 30. It is important to note that Bitsy and I rode all the roller coasters without throwing up.

Trees in Boomerang
The Boomerang at Knott's is a ride that's been cloned and placed in parks the world over a zillion times, but that don't mean you can't get neat shots from it.

Inversion or no? There they go
Knott's Silver Bullet, their B&M inverted roller coaster, is a lot of fun. It's intergrated well into the park, built over and around existing rides, and is so well-paced it really doesn't let up at all. This was our favorite ride the entire day. Here we see this odd curve after the first loop that looks like an inversion, but it's really just a heavily banked curve. The train doesn't go upside-down completely on this one, even though it sure looks like it in this before-and-after set. It does go completely upside-down on six other occasions, though.

Silver Bullet tangle Silver Bullet cobra roll
More of the Silver Bullet's tangled up track. The first picture is actually looking straight up. The second is a picture of the ride's cobra roll.

We really did like the Silver Bullet, I guess. I didn't bother taking pictures of anything else.
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