It's just this little chromium switch, here... (derspatchel) wrote,
It's just this little chromium switch, here...

Greetings from Denver

The Denver International Airport is a miraculous place that looks as if they decided to smush a Cirque du Soleil tent into a shopping mall for shits, and then let airplanes use it too for giggles. There is also an amazing cross-section of humanity wandering about, bothering me constantly with their wheelie suitcases. I much prefer the ol' backpack though I do think the checked duffel bag is going to need a replacement. It will be replaced by another duffel bag. I harbor no desire for wheelie suitcases, so please cross them off the Christmas list, thank you kindly.

However, this airport has a bar what has Fat Tire on tap, so I have about 75% fewer complaints now and the moving walkways are a lot of fun to ride back and forth.

And this airport has one of those 25 cents-a-minute Intar Web kiosks, so I thought I'd INSERT COIN and reply to some email I shoulda replied to yesterday. Now I'm all caught up and thinking that an entry would be great.

This kiosk has World of Warcraft on it. How nice is that? Hooray! I can spend two bits a minute logging in for grins and going HAY GUYS I'M AT THE AIRPORT LET'S GO RAID KARAZHAN!!!!1

I fired up the client. It needed a patching. And the patching failed.

Blizzard wins again.

oh by the way Churr raided Karazhan earlier this week with a bunch of wiseacres and won his first ever Tier 4 drop: a token that, when inserted into the right Aldor draenei mouth, gave him Cyclone Gauntlets. Oh the endgame! We win!
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